Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Fun

As Easter comes bouncing towards me at a rapidly alarming rate I have to admit I was hugely unorganised and even did not realise that Twinks was on her school holidays, it came so quickly!  The joys of being a working and hugely busy mother!

But we are muddling through painting eggs, colouring Easter egg pictures and generally creating decorations and buying fluffy bunnies to get into the spirit of the holiday weekend!  I now have a beautifully decorated fireplace full of her already existing planets and stars and now including fluffy chicks and rabbits :)  It really is quite creative and very cute! 

We had to share this fabulous blog with you as Jayne creates her Easter crafts, I am a huge admirer of hers and I love her ideas as she approaches everything with such a fresh eye and it is always beautifully photographed.

I have decided my next new year resolution is to be able to photograph our work beautifully as we are always busy here creating fabulous things for our parties and weddings, if only I knew a photographer to point me in the right direction ;)!

It has been a sad week for me again losing some lovely people including my dear uncle so I am dedicating this blog post to him and his family and my dear friend who also lost her father.  My thoughts are always with others and whilst many of us are having happy times there are many having very sad times.