Saturday, December 3, 2011

Value of diamonds

Ladies Diamond Rings
Looking for a good, beautiful, yet affordable diamond ring, you have to wait a bit if you want to make a bargains, because, in this case, one must know the offer really good. Although the most expensive diamond rings, some thousands of dollars to be paid, but there are also cheap diamond rings, whose owner can be for only a few hundred dollars. However, some note should know when buying diamond rings and. That here you should serve as a guide, what should you consider everything from a diamond ring purchase. The diamond has always been a symbol for love, happiness and joy. Especially in special moments play an important role diamonds today. The hardest so far, the substance known to man, is just the diamond, with its brightness. He can not be scratched, except by other diamonds, and he is never dull ...

Value of diamonds

The value of a diamond is associated with its quality, and it all depends namely on four criteria: size, color, clarity and cut. Thus, for example, very small differences in color, from the eye not even be perceived to govern the price significantly. Thus we advise buyers to optimum compromise between price and quality and to find.

Precisely because of our rings with diamonds of excellent quality and good price / performance ratio are. The buyer has the opportunity to get the desired quality diamond and thus choose the price.

Size, color and purity

The diamond is rarer and more valuable the larger it is, so for jewelry all sizes are processed. Diamonds are not only in different sizes, but also in different colors. Most colorless white diamonds are valued. In general, the colorless diamonds are precious and valuable. The colors can be difficult to distinguish from the eye.

About the value of a diamond decides its purity. This is a measure of the size of inclusions and singular - the fewer inclusions are exhibited in the crystal structure, the higher its value. Very important for diamond jewelry is that the possible inclusions are not visible from the naked eye.

Ring material and making

When it comes to the material, in which the diamond is framed, then the best solutions are yellow and white gold. Namely, the material has a decisive influence on the overall visual effect that is achieved it. The best way to light the diamond comes with a version of Wei├čold. Therefore, not only our diamonds are licensed - our rings are made with only the purest gold of 18kt.

Furthermore, it is important that the "fingers" that the diamond keep even very narrow, so that the diamond is not masking is. On the other hand, it is also necessary that they are strong enough so that the gem does not fall out can recommend. Professionals , to check the versions on a regular basis, especially when it comes to precious stones. Therefore, our rings have an excellent processing. Nevertheless, when delivering each version and each ring again Driver controlled strictly

There are some rings may offer a ladies' and men's version, the only difference is that the ladies rings are processed and made something finer, with Mr. rings are slightly wider, and therefore heavier. In both cases, but the diamond is the same.