Monday, December 5, 2011

buy makeityourring wedding ring

One that will be prepared by the prospective bride before the marriage is to choose a wedding ring. To facilitate the "task" you, some tips for choosing a wedding ring you can get here.

 First, when going to buy a wedding ring, remember that the shape of your fingers will give a great impact. The basic rule of buying a wedding ring on the ring together with the rules in general: width adds width, length adds length. Ring with a small width will look "lost" in a bony finger width. If you like the ring width, but you have big fingers, choose one that has rounded edges that give the lightest pressure on the skin of your fingers. The ring is more flat (flat) would be better on the small finger. For slender finger, wedding ring with a diagonal design will give a better impression of width.

Second, consider the ring current is also high  choice. Ring with diamond set raises a larger appearance and should be selected according to the shape and size of the hand. An open design that gives the impression of light and flat on your fingers wide. Due to the large stone also looks good on a big finger, a ring with diamond set will provide a satisfactory appearance. Its fingers are small and sleek it would be nice with a ring decorated with a few rocks, a series of small stones in pairs on the ring.
 Third, like perfume that uses the body's chemical reactions, your wedding ring will take a character from your fingers. Finger is your ring shelf space. So find the wedding rings that fit the shape of your fingers so that he could be pinned to the beautiful as a symbol of eternal love you and he.