Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Over the past few years there has been an obvious increase in Fall weddings and with an increase in Fall weddings comes the demand for new ideas to help make your Fall wedding unique. Browns, oranges and reds are favourite colours for this time of year and candy apples, roasted nuts, teas and preserves are still guest favour staples but the latest trend perfect for Fall, although still a great idea for any season, is the Fingerprint Tree Guestbook.

Viva loves this unique idea and is excited to see it catching on. Guests simply place a little ink on their finger, stamp their fingerprint as a leaf on the tree, and then sign their name on the print. Voila! You can either choose ink in your wedding colours or use colours that match the decor of your home so that you can hang it up after the wedding as a beautiful piece of art. Check out BLEU de TOI on Etsy to get your very own!

Photo Credits: Chaz Cruz Photography